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IN10 was created with a continuous improvement spirit and a lofty goal: to help people find their purpose and align that with a company’s success. Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was inspired by our own PURPOSE: How can we help develop the future generation of leaders here in Hawaii while supporting results for local businesses?

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WHAT WE DO. We are search and organizational development consultants...with a twist! We’re committed to both placing our candidates and investing in their ongoing development and organizational alignment. Candidates who work with us will have access to 1:1 coaching which helps set them up for success in their new position. Companies who work with us will have a partner with deep operations, finance, and HR capabilities dedicated to focusing on supporting alignment between their employees and the organization. The end result? Higher performance, engagement, and retention.


WHY IN10? We get it. Like you, we’ve been candidates looking for the right opportunity. We’ve been new hires struggling to navigate. We’ve been employees hoping for development and mentorship. And we’ve also been managers who were so busy working alongside our teams that we couldn’t truly focus on our people. We’ve been executives who were pulled in a hundred different directions leaving us unable to really work "on" the business. WE GET IT…and we’re here to help!

IN10 uses an INTENTIONAL, INSPIRED, INNOVATIVE strategy to empower our candidates and client companies to productively work towards organizational goals. This deliberate approach to introducing new ideas and creative ways of thinking produces results of outstanding quality.


Come partner with us and redefine the possibilities!

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